Knowing About the Tutorial

The AngularJS framework is the systematic aid for web developers and programmers to incorporate moving elements into the website or any other single-page application. With that, one can solve the problem of having difficulty in adding those elements and the chances of the glitches to emerge with the incorporation will be lessened. Plus, it can make the static webpage or web application feel lively and less boring.

The elements that symbolize the usage of the AngularJS framework to HTML start with the prefix ‘ng-’. With the addition of the ‘ng-’ directives to the framework, the AngularJS extension will be in effect.

Understanding the Tutorial

The angularjs tutorial allows one to understand the basics of putting the ‘ng-’ directives to the normal HTML screen. Since the beginner may not be able to comprehend about the concepts at first, the tutorial will help one grasp the usage of the directives before going on with the coding and testing of the application with the dynamic elements.

The basic rule with the AngularJS framework is that to incorporate the application to a web page, one must add the beginning script to the framework. Once the script has been incorporated to the framework, one can add the ‘ng-’ directives to start adding the application.

There are many directives available when it comes to adding some dynamic elements to the webpage. People who study to be a web developer or programmer must memorize the full list so that during the time to start exercising, he or she will grasp the mechanics of what to put in to come up with the desired output for the exercise.

The Final Word

The AngularJS tutorial allows anyone to grasp the basics of the application for a short amount of time. It does take practice to become a pro at it, but the upside is that putting the moving elements will be more systematic.

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Having a Tattoo is Becoming a Trend This Days

Before, you only see a few people having tattoos, and most although not all the criminals, have been imprisoned, or ex-convicts, and a few professionals have one or it might be in a hidden body part, who knows. And the designs before are dull, monochrome, and flat, plus the ink quality is not that good yet so it tends to fade after a while and needs to be retouched after a few years.


Today, having one is so easy with the growth of tattoo shops everywhere and there are a lot of artists available. It is like getting inside a salon having your nails cleaned and fixed, with a small design, it is way faster than having your hair permed. And after a few minutes, your kit tattoo is already engraved on your skin. Now with a better quality ink plus some colorful ones too.

Tattoo kits are also available specially on those bigger shops in which they also sells the supplies to a smaller shop, or to individuals who does tattooing as well. With these disposable kits now, and made more affordable, aside from a better sanitation, safety is also the utmost importance. Needles are available in different numbers and counts. Inks are also available in more shades and with better quality, and being hypoallergenic.


So with all the available resources now, plus the technology, designs becomes better as well. Artists can easily draw in the computer, fill the design with color, and play on the shades and hues. You can easily see the difference with a simple click, can easily change the size and scale of the design. Plus you can easily add more details in an instant. I wonder with the future development, how technology would improve tattooing and its process.

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Joseph Chinnock: Writer and Director

Joseph Chinnock has the passion in literature that works currently as a writer for WordSmiths. He had published several literary journals and he is currently working on new projects. Writing is one of his passions apart from Green Tara Journeys that he owned.


Literary Journals

Joseph Chinnock published several journals which are listed below:

  • The Dirty Napkin
  • The Southeast Review
  • The Gettysburg Review
  • The Santa Clara Review


Chinnock was also awarded a month long residency in the Colorado Art Ranch.


A Writers’ Collective


Apart from working as a writer, he also worked as a director of the consortium of Iowa Writers’ Workshop graduates which is popularly known as A Writers’ Collective. His books that was published include the following:


  • Grinding Machines – This is an excerpt from Chinnock’s most recent book.
  • The Alchemy of Nourishment – This story revolves with a B minus Buddhist, who was a post-Catholic. In the story, there was a cooking class in the new-age Mecca of Boulder where the character joined.




Chinnock serves as the director of Wordsmiths which is a consortium of essayists, interviewers and award-winning authors. The providers works as a writing coach which improves the communication needs of a business. With the help of the experts the company’s vision can be understood by its business partners and customers.
Among the clients of WordSmiths include GlaxoSmithKline, PBS, Deutsche Bank, Princeton, Novartis, Roche, Pfizer, Front Door, HGTVand Fine Living.


Next Project

Chinnock is now working for a story about Hindu Sherlock Holmes. The main character will use Hindu logic in solving crimes. The character is described as a Brahmin postal worker in the British Raj.


Other activities


During his free time, he writes, reads and broods. He loves listening to New Order as he enjoys drinking too much coffee.





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Online Gain Credit Solutions for Families with Financial Stresses

As the cost of living continues to rise, so does financial stress for every household. Sometimes, budgeting a paycheck is struggle that can leave families quarrelling and going through financial downfall that they never could expect. In most cases, the only solution is to take out loans to ensure that all bills are paid to avoid legal advances by businesses and government. However, having to repay those loans can put on another toll on families considering that loans have interest rates. The only solution to this is choosing the right place to take out a loan as the lender can help you gain credit leverage throughout your financial troubles.

You Are Not the Only One with Financial Stresses


Every family will have their own financial stresses and every family will experience a situation where the need for urgent cash is unavoidable. Sadly, it is only when such situations arises do people realize the importance of setting aside money in a savings account. Yet, those with savings usually do not have enough set aside depending on their situation. This is why numerous lenders have begun offering their money lending services that also aim to help people gain credit leverage when their credit ratings are at risk. Many people, mostly those with families of their own, have taken advantage of such lending services with the hopes of saving their family from financial downfall.


Gain Credit Solutions Online


There are money lenders offering their businesses in brick and mortar offices and there are also money lenders that do business online. Online lending is convenient and efficient, but not always effective in securing large loans. Nevertheless, many people have opted to gain credit solutions online in times of emergencies for medical concerns, school fees, unpaid utility bills, tax payments and even household needs. Whatever the reason, online gain credit solutions can help you with your family’s financial stresses.

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Dentist Tulsa OK And LANAP® Laser Treatment

Periodontal Disease Statistics

Periodontal disease plagues around 60-90% of children and nearly 100% of adults according to the WHO statistics. If that’s the case, then it has to be something that should be a main focus on the health plans of our government.

I remember when I had to go to my dentist when I was back in college. I had this impacted molar that was bothering me for some time. I just kind of neglected it and did not mind it that much. But later, it even got to a point that I suffered for around 3 days of toothache – and you know the agony. I was still very hesitant to visit my dentist with the fear of having go through dental surgery and losing my tooth. So I passed it off for some time again until I got enough courage to really visit my dentist as I presumed it was bothering the adjacent tooth.

When my dentist drilled through my tooth enamel, they had cavities down to the roots. I really regretted not visiting my dentist earlier. I was given the option of either pulling out my still good molar or having fillings on it but with the risk of getting back the infection. I opted for the first one and regretted it later.

Had I known of LANAP Laser Treatment – see thetulsadentistok, earlier, I would not have hesitated visiting my dentist.

What is LANAP® Laser Treatment?

It is an acronym for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure. It’s the cutting edge technology of doing surgical operation without the need for the surgical knife or suture gum disease. Now, even the mention of knife and needles could send chills down the spine on many people. But with LANAP, all it takes is a fiber optic strand as small as 3-hairbreadths, and that’s really small if you really think about it.

The fiber optic filament is inserted between your gum and teeth and it selectively targets the bad tissues and clears it up. But not only that, it also stimulates new growth of good cells. In the end, it stimulates blood clot in the areas minimizing blood loss and closing the area off creating a protective barrier from infection and other invasive microorganisms.


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Icheckreviews and Different Background Checks for Different Jobs

Depending on the state where you are located and the nature of industry where you will be employed, employee background checks may or may not be required by law. In industries that deal with seniors and children, the federal law mandates background checks on all volunteers and employees. The reason for this seems obvious: The Federal government wants to be 100% sure that these clients are safe from unscrupulous employees. They need to be safeguarded by the state against oppressive people.

If an employee will be undergoing driving work, the employer must know his driving history. He must know whether the employee has already made previous accidents, whether he has a legitimate driver’s license. It is better to be do precautions through background checking before it is too late. For records of insurance, employers need to have the latest information on the applicant’s Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) report. This report gives information on violations or accidents that may have experienced by the applicant. This type of information can be taken at the state for minimal fee. For this type of information, you can hire the service of icheckreviews.

Why is there a Need for Pre-Employment Background Checks?

In the fast-paced nature of work and the information technology that we have, it is not difficult to perform background check. An employer must be informed on the Fair Credit Report Act laws and other laws which pertain to an individual’s information.

Considering the differences in position that will be hired, there are also differences in the information that will be taken and some are really hard to find that is why it should be handled by professionals. There are simple things that can be checked such as previous work experience and educational background checking. All these information can all be handled by background check services.

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